These are non-asbestos products, produced by slurry vacuum forming method, made of ceramic fibres which can resist direct fires with very high heat durability and has low heat transfer capacity.

In accordance with the application field and desired characterics, products made of Aluminium silicate or Calcium – Magnesium silicate fibre products can be recommended.

  • Chemical durability at high temperatures.
  • Low heat transfer coefficient.
  • Resistant to thermal shock and corrosion.
  • High flexibility during assembly.

Heat Insulation Pads for Combi boilers and Gas heaters IZOSET ÇUKUROVA™
These are ceramic fibre based heat insulation pads used to insulate the burning chambers of combi boilers and Gas heaters.
Heat insulation material for Boiler hatch IZOSET ÇUKUROVA™
Ceramic fibre based heat insulation pads used in all types of domestic boiler hatches or industrial boiler hatches.
Tubular shapes for heat insulation used to cover immersion thermocouples made of ceramic fibres.


Conical stops made of ceramic fibre to stop metal flow from the metal reservoir in the Aluminium Industry.

Heat Insulation Pads

Ceramic fibre based heat insulation pads of various shapes and sizes for high temperature applications.

Other heat insulation material 

Ceramic fibre based material, like gaskets, seals etc. can be custom produced for high temperature applications.