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How to Choose a Laboratory Furnace ?

Why Do You Need a Laboratory Furnace?

The main factor to be considered is the use of the laboratory furnace. Are you planning to use your furnace as an Ashing Furnace, Muffle Furnace or Bench Type Furnace ?  Therefore the maximum/continuous working temperature and volume of heating chamber are the main factors to consider in order to choose the correct laboratory furnaces.

Other physical and technical properties should be checked after determining the working temperature and inner volume of the furnace. At this step, heating resistances, electronic temperature unit and  ergonomy are important properties to choose a laboratory furnace

Why to choose MagmaTherm?

Temperature Options
Different Volume Options
PID Control Unit

The insulation should be suitable for the maximum working temperature.

The laboratory furnace should have the optimum insulation thickness to keep the outside surface and front door surface to the minimum temperature. It is important for working safety and easy use of the laboratory furnace. Besides it is also important to save energy.

Inferior type of laboratory furnaces have thinner isolation. This disadvantage is compensated for many holes on the surface. This is the reason for consuming extra energy and all the gases come out through these holes instead of the chimney.

Front door insulation and design is also important for the same reasons.

Heating Resistances

Suitable resistance wires and correct design of them are among the main factors which directly affect the laboratory furnace performance directly.

Resistance Wires in MagmaTherm Furnaces

Resistance wires of Magmatherm Laboratory Furnaces are well known/best quality wire of the world. We consider it  our responsibility is to choose the correct wire and to make a correct design with top quality resistance wires.

Electronic Control

Software and hardware of the electronic control unit determine the capacity, ability and sensitivity of temperature control of the laboratory furnace.

Other electronic properties help easy use of the furnaces.

MagmaTherm PID Control Unit:

  • Target temperatures are reached by +-1°C precision.
  • Stepped programs
  • Memory
  • Sound warning – alert
  • Automatic start operation
  • Ability to observe waiting time
  • Display of the  total working time of the furnace
  • Menu option to be able to make Temperature correction for calibration